Math is hard

Ummm…If you multiply 155,000 donors times $42, you get approximately $6.51 million. In the third quarter, Brown raised $3.75 million and overall, he’s raised $27 million. So his math doesn’t make sense.

This isn’t the first time Brown’s fundraising numbers haven’t added up. In the third quarter, Brown raised $3.75 million and according to press reports, his campaign reported almost 39,000 donors with an average donation of $42.

The Toledo Blade: “The campaign says nearly 39,000 people contributed an average of $42 in the third quarter.”

But if you do the math, that’s only $1.638 million – not $3.75 million. Even if you remove the PAC contribution, he still raised more than $2.85 million from individuals.

I understand Sherrod. Math can be hard.

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