Sherrod Brown Has Called Republicans Nazis at Least Three Times

So much for civil discourse. On at least THREE separate occasions, Sherrod Brown has referred to Republicans as Nazis.

Once in 2011:

“Ohio Senator: GOP Tries to Take Down Unions, and So Did Hitler and Stalin.” (Jordan Fabian, “Ohio Senator: GOP Tries to Take Down Unions, and So Did Hitler and Stalin,” The Hill, 3/3/11)

“U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown apologized today for citing the name of Adolf Hitler and other tyrants as among those who have opposed labor unions, just as Republican lawmakers in Ohio and Wisconsin are opposing union rights today…His remarks nevertheless drew fire in Washington as well on the internet, with even some Democrats opining that if a politician doesn’t intend to make comparisons with Hitler, it’s just not good to invoke his name.” (Stephen Koff, “Sherrod Brown Apologizes for Hitler Remarks,” The Cleveland Plain Dealer, 3/5/11)

Once in 1992:

“Brown, at the time running for a congressional seat, had taken to making a joke about the location – ‘Berlin, I mean Houston’ — of the Republican National Convention during his stump speech. A campaign spokesman told The Plain Dealer that a supporter of Brown’s opponent whose family fled Nazi-occupied Poland found the comparison offensive, and told Brown so after an event. ‘He (the man) was obviously upset at (Brown’s remarks). Sherrod took his suggestion and thought it was a good idea,’ said the spokeswoman, Kim Grace.” (Andrew Tobias, “8 Times Richard Cordray and Other Ohio Politicians Made Nazi References,” The Cleveland Plain Dealer, 7/3/18)

And once in 1991:

“Brown insisted that if his campaign records were on state computers, someone else put them there. ‘If there are campaign records in the computer, I’d take a close look at the Hitler youth in the Ohio Republican Party,’ he said. ‘If any of my campaign records are in a state computer, it would be a good guess that they are the ones who entered it in the computer.’” (Jim Underwood, “Brown Denies Computer Misuse,” The Cleveland Plain Dealer)

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