Sherrod Brown Supports Medicare for All

FACT: Sherrod Brown repeatedly expressed his support for single payer, also known as Medicare for All, and has co-sponsored legislation that would enact Medicare for All.

FACT: Sherrod Brown has said that his Medicare at 55 legislation is only meant to serve as a stepping stone to get the country to Medicare for All.

FACT: Sherrod Brown fought to have a public option, also known as socialized medicine, in Obamacare and introduced two amendments to include a public option in the bill.

FACT: Brown was an original co-sponsor of a resolution in 2016 that would add a public option to Obamacare.

FACT: Bernie Sanders Medicare for All bill is estimated to cost American taxpayers more than $32 trillion.

SHOT: Sherrod Brown says Medicare proves a public option will work.
CHASER: Medicare is expected to go bankrupt by 2026.

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